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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ha reham ha reham farmaaye khuda

Sone chamak mein, sikko kanak mein miltha nahin,
Miltha nahin dhool ke sadko mein,
dhunde koi to miltha wahin miltha wahin
Kya majaal teri marzi ke aage, bandhon ki chal jaayegi
Thaane ungli jo tu katputhli ki chaal badal jaayegi jaayegi

Ha reham, ha reham farmaaye khuda
Ha reham, ha reham farmaaye khuda
Mehfuz har kadam, karna eh khuda, karna eh khuda
Mehfuz har kadam, karna eh khuda.

The lines are not mine nor is the picture. This is because I wasn't able to find anything better to describe what I felt this sunday as I walked from Lower parel to Girgaum chowpati for the Ganesh Visarjan, just a day after the Delhi blasts. My heart was full as I prayed to him - Ha reham, ha reham farmaaye bappa. Keep my loved ones safe, keep my country safe.

* Picture from rediff. Lyrics from the movie Aamir.

Monday, September 01, 2008



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